Tuesday, May 12, 2009

M'aam? Is that a dagger in your bag?

When I was in Chattanooga last spring at an arts integration conference, I stopped in a store called Blue Skies and found the coolest Victorain garden stakes. (Of course, I did get in trouble with airport security when I thoughtlessly tried to bring the "daggers" with me in my carry-on.) Anyway, the beautiful stakes made it back to Baltimore and I got them out this weekend for all my new seedlings. Just in case you can't make it to Blue Skies (30 Frazier Ave, Chattanooga, TN), check out these alternatives from Etsy.

Artisan Hands: These garden stakes are cut from slabs of speckled stoneware, stamped, glazed and fired to cone 6 in oxidation. Perfect for all your favorite garden pots!

bridgman pottery: Rustic, hand made stoneware and copper markers for garden herbs.

My Mother's Garden: A set of three mushroom shaped ceramic herb markers for the garden. This set is perfect for my recently planted basil, cilantro and parsley.

EstherCoombs: All are made from up-cycled china plates which have been drawn on with ceramic ink and glued to a reused piece of wood stake chopped by hand from other peoples wooden junk.

Monkeys Always Look: Made-to-order upcycling with vintage forks, knives, and spoons.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Mabel

It's hard to believe our baby turned three today. We're celebrating tonight with a special carob and peanut butter cupcake cookie. (Champagne will be provided for the adults.)

Her "brothers" Woodley and Wyatt pitched in their allowances to get her a "bristle bone" - the packaging claims it's a dental toy a dog is guaranteed to love to chew complete with durable nylon bristles and rubber nubs to clean teeth as they chew. I can't decide whether it will be a hit or a torture device. I bought the replacement "gnawhide" cookie rings just in case.

Friday, May 1, 2009

In the studio...

I have a to-do list a mile long and it just seems to be getting longer this month! May, June and July are going to be busy months for illegible ink (and all my little helpers). Feel free to drop me and line and let me know what images you'd like to see from illegible ink. Right now I'm working a friendly dinosaur!

And be sure to come visit at the upcoming show schedule:
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