Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Come to the Cabaret!

We just got back from an arts education forum in New Orleans this week and were trying to think of something to continue the spirit. What could be better than supporting the arts through "Crazy for Cockpit: A Benefit Cabaret."

Cockpit in Court Summer Theatre has been serving the greater Baltimore area with professional-quality live theatre at family-friendly prices for more than thirty years. Each summer, on the campus of CCBC Essex, Cockpit in Court offers excellent large-scale musicals in a 412-seat Mainstage Theatre; comedies and dramas in an intimate 160-seat Cabaret Theatre; and a high-energy children’s musical in the 220-seat Lecture Hall. Overall, audiences of more than 7,000 come to Cockpit in a summer, and more than a hundred area artists, performers, directors, and musicians offer their talents on stage and behind the scenes.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Six-Burgh "Steels" Super Bowl XLIII

I guess it really all started after Super Bowl XL (or perhaps even further back, when I met my husband at college in Ohio). My brother-in-law had just moved to Cleveland and named their chocolate Cheasapeake Bay Retriever, Bettis, after the beloved Pittsburgh running back.

One day before the 2008 AFC Championship game, my husband was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. They ended the article with his take on our Charm City vs. his hometown:

"'When I first moved here, I couldn't believe how similar the cities are. The people, in general, really remind me of home.' Before you start thinking he's gone crazy from too much mercury in his salmon, know that he'll be returning to Pittsburgh this weekend for the AFC Championship game. And he'll be rooting for the good guys."

After the AFC Championship game, he waved his terrible towel and gave a High 5 to Steelers (and ex-Wolverine) LaMarr Woodley (#56).

A week later, friends of ours offered us the chance to adopt a male brindle boxer puppy. We didn't think twic
e... By the food bowl measurements, we knew the puppy could grow up to be 6'2" and 265 lbs. We easily felt he could earn 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble - all unassisted - in the Puppy Super Bowl. So, we lovingly named him Woodley. Now, Woodley joins his boxer big sister, Mabel, and the two rockstar felines, Hops and Wyatt, in our N. Luzerne Steeler Nation!

Never fear, dear Ohio family and friends: I did not let the excitement go completely to my head. I voted for Santonio Holmes and The Ohio State University as Super Bowl MVP. Go Buckeyes!
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