Thursday, September 1, 2011

Only 14 hours, 56 minutes and 31 seconds left...

I don't think you can live within a 60-mile radius of Baltimore and not know about the huge deal that is coming to our city this weekend: The Inaugural 2011 Baltimore Grand Prix. And while I see on the website that many of the hospitality packages are sold out, I'm pretty sure the majority of us know about the race not because we're huge racing fans but because we can't get from Point A to Point B downtown.

While I think our favorite ink spot is too young to enjoy the race (even though he does look super adorable in his noise canceling headphones) and Mr. ink will clearly be too exhausted from driving throughout the countryside trying to get home to enjoy the race, I am trying to have a positive attitude. And these Knob Creek Metal Arts Welcome Signs for $16.99 each surely put me in a festive mood!

So grab a bushel of crabs, some drawn butter, a tin of Old Bay and a Natty Bo' and let's hope the Baltimore Grand Prix is such a huge success that we forget all about the hours spent in traffic gridlock! After all, we just survived the 2011 Quakicane!
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