Thursday, December 16, 2010

On the first day of... Snow

I saw all the posts on Facebook this morning saying how friends were worried about driving, wondering if school would close early or if there would be enough bread and milk in the grocery stores. Hmm... what is this all about? From my window, there wasn't a flake in the sky. (Mr. ink dreamed aloud that perhaps zombies were finally mobilizing.)

Chuckling, I checked the weather report and saw that good ol' Baltimore was due for 1-3 inches of snow. Oh good grief, Charlie Brown! I can't be old enough to say, I used to walk a mile, down a hill and over a bridge in a foot of snow all winter to get to school, right? Well, the meteorologists got their couple inches of predicted snow and by noon people were driving like lunatics and sliding around on lightly dusted sidewalks in totally inappropriate shoes.

With the enthusiasm of a kid just told school is closing early, I enjoyed the scenery and started dreaming of clever egg cups and wishing I could have hot chocolate with whipped cream, soft boiled eggs and toast. And then I went back to work for a bit...

 The sweetest "Cinnamon illustrated egg cup and heart button cozy hat" from heidiburton on Etsy.
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