Friday, October 1, 2010

I know some of those Crafty Bastards!

I don't know why I seem to be cursed but it happens every year. For some reason I'm always out of town the weekend of DC's Crafty Bastards Arts & Craft Fair (Drool!). Unfortunately, it means I'm going to miss some of favorite crafter buds:

beth pohlman jewelry: My go-to, "work function," geometric necklace. Enough said.
Biggs & Featherbelle: Just opened their Tequila Bar Lime & Salt soap this morning.
Brainstorm Print & Design: It is only natural to swap prints with Jason and Briana at craft shows (seriously, every time!).
Carlybird Weaves: Bought a blue dress just to go with my navy/ochre button cuff.
Cotton Monster: Who doesn't want a room full of those sweet little faces?
jennyjen42: If you know my prints, you know I'm a sucker for owls and that's why I have a collection of owl shoulder bags.
Pinkkiss Pottery: Only 13 weeks and 4 days left until my little man is born which means I can start using my favorite sushi plates again.
Red Prairie Press: What don't I own from Rachel Bone?
Spaghetti Kiss: My brother pouts when I don't buy him a shirt from Mikey's collection. That reminds me, his birthday is coming up.
Squidfire, Inc: My soft, big wheel tank was a summer staple this year.
Sweet Pepita: Coming soon! Shannon is busily working on my custom baby gear this fall.
The Broken Plate Pendant Company: I could be obsessed. At least three pendants and 2 set of earrings from the china of great-great grandmother and even Martha Stewart.
The Candy Thief: I dream of hot chocolate when I pull out my leaf-inspired, wool headband.
the littlest bean: All my neutral tops are cheered up when I add a colorful felt brooch.

So, promise you'll stop by Adams Morgan this Saturday from 10am-5pm for me! I'll be doing what any self-respecting pregnant woman would do in my position. Enjoying a weekend with the Pittsburgh in-laws and therefore stuffing my face with a Primanti Bros. sandwich. Okay, that made me drool a little, too.

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