Monday, December 28, 2009

Download Now: Baker Artist Awards iPhone App

There are 49 days left to browse and vote and/or nominate yourself for the 2010 Baker Artist Awards - a celebration of Baltimore's artists. (I this first sentence is more a reminder to myself that I basically have a month to get on the site and update my pages!)

The real reason for this post today is to let you know about the cool updates to the Baker site as well as their new iPhone app. The site has been tweaked from last year - allowing users a lot more flexibility in posting their work, as well as making it easier for artists and voters to navigate the site and network. The homepage now features a section called "Favorite Artists" by Baker users as well as extremely intuitive ways to share on Facebook, Digg, Email, MySpace, Twitter, etc. And the best part of all of this? It's FREE. So, sign up and share your work or vote! Baltimore's reputation is at stake.

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