Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top Ten illegible ink Prints of 2009

It seems like the last week has been full of everyone's Top Ten lists so I thought it might be fun to start a couple of my own. The first one to tackle (since I've also been thinking about tax season with the start of this new year) is my Top Ten list of sale items (by volume) of 2009.

So, here is the Top Ten of illegible ink Prints in 2009 - thanks to all of you!

#10 The Snapdragons: Reds, pinks, yellows, purples and blues. These flowers roared into the ten spot of 2009 sales.

#9 The Rooster: Available as a framed print or festive card, this cheerful crooner was designed to call in the new year.

#8 What a Pair: One is the loneliest number, so why not have a pair of feathered friends? I imagine he's listening to my hen's every cluck.

 #7  Mushroom Hunt: You don't need a fancy pig to sniff out these delicious mushrooms. These prints are one-of-a-kind, printed in black ink on a soft brown paper (and sometimes colored with soft pastels to highlight your taste).

#6 Chambered Nautilus: Many echoed the sentiments of Oliver Wendall Holmes and Andrew Wyeth by purchasing this spiraled and coiled nautilus. Hand painted, ensuring this nautilus never blends into the darkness of the sea.

#5 How Now, Brown Cow:  This happy cow is not from California but he still maintains a carefree, sunny attitude and definitely encourages you to choose him over "chikin."

#4 Penguin: The holiday season favorite, this peppy penguin easily slid his way into the third spot in sales.

#3 T is for Turtle: Not everyone has space for The Animal Alphabet but the Turtle from that print has swam into multiple frames and card sets throughout the year. While he is not number one overall yet, he was the first animal sold out at each of my craft shows this past year.

#2 Maryland Blue Crab: Just add Old Bay! This crab puts the charm in Charm City. Edged out by just a pinch, he may claw his way into the number one spot next year.

#1 The Owl: He has a feather in his cap and puts a smile on your face. Two years in a row, this wise owl is the reigning sales champion.

Hoo(t) knows, maybe he will be the Triple Crown Winner of 2010?

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