Thursday, April 8, 2010

DC's Open City Grilled Cheese

For the next three days I'm at the Arts Education Partnership Forum, States of Change: New Leadership in Arts and Education. While I'm looking forward to soaking up all the inspirational knowledge from the likes of Arne Duncan and Rocco Landesman, I've been secretly stressing out about the next opportunity to get a grilled cheese sandwich. (I contemplated bring the griddler to the hotel with me but it seemed like a lot of extra weight and without it, I get the chance to taste what grilled cheese these DC restaurants have to offer.)

So, today's grilled cheese was from Open City, a coffeehouse, diner and bar. What luck that this is right across the street from the hotel! Their aged white cheddar grilled cheese with applewood smoked bacon was the perfect afternoon starter. The dill pickles and homemade potato chips were the perfect tangy, crunchy and salty sides.

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