Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy National Chocolate Mousse Day

It's no secret that "mouse" is a French word translating to "lather" or "foam." And by word association, it brings to mind the 1984 Val Kilmer classic, Top Secret (too early to call it a classic?):

Du Quois/Harry Ditson: This is Chevalier, Montage, Detente, Avant Garde, and Deja Vu.
Deja Vu/Jim Carter: Haven't we met before?
Nick Rivers/Val Kilmer: I don't think so.
Du Quois/Harry Ditson: Over there, Croissant, Souffle, Escargot, and Chocolate Mousse*

Tonight's homemade chocolate mousse (on top of chocolate pudding) was topped with vanilla and caramel alcohol-infused cream. I can clearly go to bed happy now.

*A little movie trivia: Chocolate Mousse was played by Eddie Tagoe. He was also in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Pink Floyd The Wall.

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